High quality grain driers

Akron has a very long experience in grain drying. This has resulted in a wide range of both batch driers and continuous flow driers.

The Akron type A/B batch drier (1.5-8.7 tph) is the best-selling grain drier in Sweden. Its large laterals are carefully spaced for optimum drier economy. In official tests, the Akron A drier has shown the lowest energy consumption of all times in Sweden.

The Akron Svegma series of batch driers (2-19 tph) has a reputation of excellent drying evenness and good heat economy. Conical laterals secures an even airflow along the complete length of the lateral, which in turn results in a very even distribution of drying air throughout each section. Short distance inbetween laterals gives a very homogenous drying process. The high number of laterals in the drier results in a large air flow area, which in turn gives a relatively low speed of the air flowing through the material, allowing maximum saturation of the air before it is vented out into the exhaust plenum.

The Akron small-scale K-type continuous flow drier (2 - 18 tph) is a modular drier for all types of grain. The small holding volume allows for quick starts and thereby significant time savings. Drying can be commenced in a very short time after harvesting. The grain moves vertically in two shafts. Drying and cooling air is blown horizontally at a speed optimised to maximise capacity and full saturation of the exhaust air. The Akron K-type drier has shown the second-lowest energy consumption during official tests – beaten only by the Akron A-type batch drier.

The Akron Svegma continuous flow driers (5-200 tph) are renowned for their high capacity, even drying efficiency and excellent heat economy. With tightly spaced, conical air laterals, the drying process can be carefully controlled, without risk of over- or underdrying. The exhaust air fan creates underpressure inside the drier in order to have an even air flow throughout the complete drier as well as minimising the risk of heat leakage. Akron Svegma continuous flow driers are available with capacities from 5 to 200 tonnes per hour as standard (with even higher capacities as opton) and can be utilized for all types of grain. The drier is available in in several different widths and heights to fit all needs and installations.

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