Worldclass grain handling

Having delivered systems for grain handling during more than fifty years have taught us one very important truth: no two installations are identical. Every farmer’s situation is unique. This means that every installation needs to be designed and built according to it’s own specifications. There are many means of optimisation, and all focus on the same overall goal; the highest possible efficiency and best operational economy and functionality.

At Akron we have accumulated over half a century’s worth of experience with these challenges. We have developed, manufactured and delivered systems for drying, storage and handling of grain since the 1950s. We were early promoters of the need to ensure the quality of the grain in all stages and that e g effective aeration and controlled storage and high quality drying were essential to allow farmers worldwide to provide top quality grain to their respective customers.

Today, Akron offers one of the market’s widest and most comprehensive product portfolios in the area of grain handling. Thanks to fully integrated development and manufacturing operations, our optimisation and personalisation opportunities are practically limitless. No installation is too small or too big. Let us optimise according to your needs as well!