Akron Bio400 and Bio400+ solid biofuel air heaters

The Akron Bio400/Bio400+ solid biofuel heater is a cost effective and environmentally sound alternative to traditional oil- or gas-fired heaters. The heater is primarily developed for grain drying processes, but the compact design and flexible construction allows use in all types of heated air processes. Bio400 has a nominal output of 400 - 650 kW while the Bio400+ offers outputs up to 1MW. Both types produce minimal amounts of ash and are equipped with a powerful control system for optimal functionality and availability.

The conversion from oil to solid biofuel is easily accomplished with the Akron Bio400, with decreased dependency on oil companies and increased environmental profile as immediate results. Operational costs for fuel are drastically lowered, as it the sensitivity during years with high moisture content in the grain. With access to own wood chip sources, or locally produced wood chips, the savings may be even greater. As a bonus, the Bio400/Bio400+ heaters can also be powered by wood pellets, or a combination of pellets and wood chips.