Electric motors and cooling fluid pumps

Since the 1960s, Akron has delivered electric motors for industrial processes and agriculture. For about 25 years, from 1978 to 2003, the business was conducted by the subsidiary Jansin AB - a familiar concept to most people in the business.

Akron stocks a large selection of Crompton's standard motors, 2-6-pole, size 63-132 in light metal and the size 160-315 in cast iron and with the terminal box mounted on top. Akron's electric motor bearings are generally kept in IP55, ie dust and hose-water protected version. Several models are equipped for special purposes and for customer-specific applications motors are ordered directly from the factory, or modifications will be made in Akron's own workshop.

Akron stocks cooling fluid pumps in capacities from 10 to 100 liters per minute immersion depth from 90 to 350mm. The pumps are fitted with a flange for direct mounting on the coolant tank.

Akron has one of Scandinavia's largest stock of motors and cooling fluid pumps, which allows for rapid delivery with favorable prices.

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