Go fossil free and lower operation costs

Today, most grain driers are still heated with oil. The reasons are many: oil is easy both to use and access and the burning technology is mature and relatively safe. But since the early 21st century the oil price has been in constant increase (bar some uncharacteristic dips) and the operating economy is no longer as profitable. Increases in global oil consumption will drive demand and prices further. Oil, natural gas and LPG are fossil and thereby finite resources. Converting to a renewable fuel is not only environmentally sound – it will also lower operational costs.

Akron have manufactured oil fired air heaters for over 40 years. But we have worked with solid biofuels for at least as long; our first wood fired air heater entered the market already 1980. Today we have a wide range of solutions for fossil free grain drying and we are continuously expanding and developing our products in order to fulfil every customer need.