Solutions for grain handling

Akron delivers complete plants for grain drying, grain storage and animal feed.

Akron systems are ideal not only for the traditional cereals, but also for example, corn, soybeans, beans and peanuts.

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Solid biofuel solutions

Today, Akron has a wide range of different solutions for fossil-heating of air, and we are continually working to broaden the range and cover up related needs.

Replacing the traditional fuel and become fossil is not only environmentally friendly - it also reduces operating costs.

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Fan solutions

Akron is the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty fan solutions for all kinds of applications for industry, agricultur, drying solutions, mining and tunnel ventilation.

We have a strong focus on proprietary research and development, giving us unprecedented opportunities to deliver customized solutions optimized for specific needs.

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Highest quality equals best results

Akron develops, manufactures and market products within grain handling, solid biofuel, motors and heavy fan solutions for industrial processes.

Akron is Sweden’s leading grain handling solutions provider, serving agricultural and industrial customers globally since 1935. Our trademarks Akron and Svegma guarantee the highest quality, availability and functionality. Our product range is internally developed and covers all agricultural and industrial grain handling needs, from transportation and loading solutions to drying, storage and state-of-the-art operational control.

Our head office and manufacturing plant is located in Järpås, Sweden. Our products are used all over the world.