Akron – a safe choice

The decision to invest in a new grain handling plant is just the first step. The real process starts at this point. There are a myriad of decisions to make and choices seem endless. With Akron as your partner, you can rest assured that your plant will fulfil your every need, both in regard to capacity and quality. And best of all – your plant will be adapted to you and your unique requirements. We have one of the market’s widest product ranges and more than fifty years’ experience in design, construction and operation of grain handling installations.


What do you really want?

The most important background work is made at home at the kitchen table. Put some thought into where you want to go with your new plant. Is the goal to store grain for later drying somewhere else or do you want the whole process to take place in one location? Would you like a plant where all steps are automated or do you want to retain a measure of manual control? What grain types will be handled? What heat generation methods are available and preferred? Will the grain be stored indoors or outdoors?


Make it real

Once the framework has been set, it is time to start drafting. Our experienced project managers will help out in realising your vision in drawings and process charts. They will gladly assist with their experience in what allows for the most flexible functionality and efficiency. All in order to ensure the most cost effective and well structured installation possible.

Prior to any pricing we also discuss construction work, installation, commissoning and startup. Our experience is that every installation is unique also in the assembly phase. Normally our delivery scope covers all the material as well as startup of the final plant. If you want to perform installation and assembly yourself we will of course support you with drawings and assembly instructions. If your wish is for a turn-key project we can provide that as well. Or any scope of supply in between.

Regardless of whether you perform the installation yourself or if we take care of that for you, we will keep continuous contact during the whole process. We can also always perform commissioning and startup of your new plant.

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