Heaters for grain drying

Akron offers a wide range of own indirect air heaters for both oil, wood chips and pellets. The heaters are designed for optimal production of hot air for grain drying, with high efficiency and sturdy construction. There are also several solutions for direct heating with energy gases, e g natural gas or LPG. For smaller grain driers, a separate furnace with burner can be connected to the existing air inlet.

Akron's flagship indirect heaters are the Bio400 and Bio400+ solid biofuel heaters. Available with outputs between 400 kW and 1 MW, they can be fuelled by wood chips or pellets, or a combination of both for maximum fuel flexibility. Akron also offers heaters specifically for wood pellets between 200 kW and 1 MW, along with a wide range of fuel storage solutions.

Akron oil fired heaters are available with outputs from 101 to 1160 kW and are designed for efficient heating of air for grain drying, with high efficiency and sturdy construction. All Akron oil fired heaters are tested and approved by SP, the Technical Research Institute of Sweden. Stationary oil fired heaters can also be converted for firing with wood pellets, bio oil or RME.

All heaters are equipped with Akron’s own fan solutions for optimal air control.

Akron also offers water radiators from stock for outputs between 100 and 600 kW for immediate delivery. Other sizes and outputs can be delivered on order. Connection pieces for easy connection to circular spiro air channels or Akron’s AK fans are available. Special connection pieces can be provided to order.