Grain storage

Akron Type M storage is an entirely self-supporting, modular storage solution where the bins can form the support structure for the roof construction and wall cladding. Since the Type M wall elements can withstand forces from both sides, adjacent bin can be placed with adjoining middle wall. This lowers assembly costs and dirt traps between bins are effectively avoided. The bins are available with hoppers, air sweep floor, air sweep floor with reduced air flow and as flat bins placed directly on the floor.

Akron Type M can be fitted with completely smooth inner walls, either during assembly or as an aftermarket solution for existing bins. The result is a bin for extremely wet or otherwise hard-to-handle material.

Read more : Product leaflet Akron Type M grain storage solutions

Akron Type S storage bins are based on 505 mm high, smooth modular sections available in six different lengths. The bins can be fitted with aeration floor, hopper or directly on a flat floor. The Type S system are best suited to small, independent storage bins and smaller installations. The bins have painted or galvanised support structures. Wall elements are all galvanised steel.



Outdoor storage bin

Outdoor storage bins are a suitable choice for storing large amounts of grain. Although primarily designed for dry grain, bins fitted with a suitable aeration system can also be used for short-term storage of wet grain prior to drying. Akron offers outdoor storage bins of Canadian Westeel brand. Westeel is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of outdoor storage bins with products well suited for Northern European conditions. The combination of Westeel bins and Akron’s renowned high-quality aeration solutions is a very powerful solutions for storing grain without loss of quality.